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ボーダーコリーさき① Saki the Border Collie 1







Saki-1 week old








I pause the report on Eve’s situation (the ex wild dog who ran away from my sister’s place since late August.) Although she hasn’t been reunited with my sister yet, we believe she will return when timing is right. Thank to everyone who has given us kind words and the person who has been helping my sister, Mimi.

I am introducing our beloved dog, Saki the Border Collie. Saki is a chocolate coloured female border collie, born in April 2020 (1.5 yrs old) .

Since my husband and I lost our last two dogs before my son was born (16 years ago), we have been missing having a dog, but we didn’t have a chance to welcome one.

Since COVID hit and we stayed at home due to lock down, we started thinking now is the time to welcome a dog. We searched firstly shelters, however, there was none available (we live in an apartment, so only middle size dog can be kept.).

Then I searched breeders, but they are all out of dogs and asked me to register our interest. The price was also ridiculously high. For example, average price for Shiba dog was AU$7,000!

We didn’t feel right to pay this much for a dog, so our hope was almost gone. However, when I was chatting with my work colleague, she suggested to contact the breeder where she got her border collie from.

Without any hope I contacted the breeder, and to my surprise, she said,” we just had 8 puppies yesterday, I am going to send photos, so you can choose which one you want.”

With this unexpected answer, we had to make our decision quickly, however, it didn’t take us long to say yes, please to the breeder. My husband told me that girl border collies should be smaller in size (unlike our last dog Angus, border collie mix), and they are smart dogs.

What we chose (they all looked the same, but we chose one!) was a brown coloured one. There were black & white ones, too but I like the way the breeder said the colour was “chocolate colour”.

The lady from the breeder sent us a photo of Saki’s father and mother. Her father had the same colour with Saki, chocolate & white and mother, black & white. I didn’t know until I studied more about border collies, that there are more than 30 type of border collies depending on colours and sizes. Since her father’s name was “Whisky”, we decided to name ours “Saki” (similar to Sake=Japanese drink, but it is actually popular Japanese girl’s name, means “flower blossom”. To be continued.