タグ別アーカイブ: 犬との暮らし

アニマルコミュニケーターハイジさんからの学びAnimal Communicator Heidi

日本でもテレビ番組に出演されたことで有名なハイジさん(本名はHeidi Wrightさん)の講義に参加しました。






I had an opportunity to participate in the seminar session which was conducted by Heidi, a well known Animal Communicator (AC) in many countries, including Japan.

As the other 30 participants, I was attracted to her passion towards animals during the session, which was almost 4 hours.

As the other many ACs in Japan, Heidi started having a special skill to understand what animals are saying. Therefore it is often misunderstood and we think only those who have a special skill are able to communicate wth animals. However, this is a myth and Heidi says all human beings are able to communicate with animals.

For example, we have instincts “this place feels comfortable” or “I feel he and she are not getting along well’. We use our 6 sense, just like animals do to avoid danger. It is believed human beings used to have this enhanced instinct that (wild) animal have, but over the time this was lost.

There are lots of things I learnt in the session, but most of all, it has made me feel that it is important to keep ourselves healthy physically and mentally to communicate with animals by having a “wild animal” instinct! To do so she recommends avoiding a negative mind (by not listening to reading news), practice meditation, be thankful to even the smallest things in your life, respect animals and nature.

I am still far from being able to communicate with animals! However, I would like to practice what I learnt from Heidi, to achieve a happy and rich society where animal and people blend.

さきカイロプラクティック体験Saki’s Chiropractic experience










I have been noticing a lovely looking shop called Pawsconnect, which specialises in dog & cat’s chiropractics.

Saki was hit by a car in July last year (2021) and since we were a little concerned about its impact on her. So I made a booking for Saki.

The shop (clinic) had some lovely products mainly sustainable minded products, dog/cat food that are made from natural ingredients or cat toilet sand made from Tofu! They even had pet’s first aid kit.

Phillip sensei who is very experienced chiropractor, examined Saki thoroughly. He told us Saki has no problem, only her bicep is tight, but this is completely normal.

He also showed us how to massage Saki as she loves running and jumping.

Phillip also advised it is better to trip the hair grown around her paws to stop from slipping.

We feel much better now as we know Saki’s body is okay!

Saki seemed to love being massaged. We will try this on her from now on.