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Thank you so much for your support with my blog. As of 28 May 2022, due to the move to our new website, you can review my blog in https://www.myhappipet.com/ On the new website (most part is translated in English), we enhance it so that it is much easier to communicate to each other. We will provide update on our picture book project which will be published in August this year. Thank you so much for your continuous support to us!


イブちゃん絵本のヒロインに!Eve will be a heroin in a picture book







野犬については、もちろん暗い背景があります。野犬が日本中からいなくなるのが私たちが理想とする社会です。絵本では野犬たちの明るい未来のために、少しでも貢献することが出来たら、と願う気持ちでいっぱいです 💗






Following the great news on Shiro chan’s being safely saved last week, I would like to share another exciting news😊 that happened to us last week.

My sister, Mimi, (who is a foster parent of Eve, the ex feral dog, is going to publish her first picture book!

My sister, who loves painting, always wanted to publish picture book herself one day. In the past she tried, but her dream wasn’t realised.

Thanks to Mari Ueda, whom we call our mentor, and animal communicater &picture book author, this “dream” is going to come true. Mari has been working more tirelessly to support rescue dogs & cats recently. One of the works she is involved is to help people who wish to publish picture books after her first picture book “The reason I was born (Boku ga Umarete Kitanowa ne” was successfully launched and a second book is on its way.

The purpose of Mimi’s book is about feral dogs in Japan-they could be as lovely as other kinds of dogs (pure bred dogs)! In Japan pure bred types are still better considered.

Since Mimi became a foster parent of Eve, she learnt many things about feral dogs through the series of events of Eve’s running away, return and walking training.

Talking about feral dogs in Japan, in many cases, they are considered nuisance and treated badly, however, the focus in the book is their bright future as many people in Japan wish their happy life.

I am so glad as I can also contribute to the book by adding English in the book! How exciting😊.

We will continue to share the progress of the project. You can see them in the following instagram & FB.

Mari’s instagram-こちら

Mimi&my instagram (some posts have English) こちら

Mimi’s FB-こちら

Note: I used to translate the word “Yaken” as “wild dog” previously, however, I learnt it is not a correct translation. It should be translated as “feral dogs” because in Japan “Yaken” means the dogs who used to be owned by human as home dogs are abandoned and turned into feral.

食パン犬シロちゃん!Shiro chan, the bread loving dog!











シロちゃん捕獲直後 Shiro chan after being caught

Yesterday (15 Jan) I had a happy day with happy news😊.

Motchi san (who helped when Even sent missing) messaged me “Shiro chan has been caught!”.

In new years when I was chatting with Motich san about a dog who he caught then, he said to me “Next one is going to be Shiro chan, the bread loving dog!”. Since then I was always thinking about this wild dog.

I have seen Shiro chan, coming to grab a slice of bread and quickly ran away. He looked so nervous every time he dropped by. Since then I always thought about him when I was eating bread!🍞 ! He prefers bread to meat, what an interesting dog!

According to Motchi san, Shiro chan is not a missing dog. He has been living in a wild since birth (his grand mum and parents were also wild dogs!) However, a kind hearted family wanted to have him in their family and tried to catch him for a year with no success, so asked for Motchi san’s help. Well done again, Motchi san😄👍

I didn’t know there are still dogs living in wild in Tochigi prefecture where Shiro chan lives. i tried to look for how many wild dogs exist in Japan.

Today Motchi san returned all the way to Tochigi prefecture to look after Shiro kun & his new family with walk training. What an effort❤️.

Good luck to Shiro chan to settle in to his new life with people! It is not bad, you can have as much bread as you can!

Thank you so much to his new family for your super kindness and decision to live with ex wold dog. You will have a happy life together with Shiro chan❤️.










Feeling nice & cool on the cool mat 冷却シートで気持ちいい?

Today’s learning was about dog & cat’s behaviour and what they are thinking.

Firstly, we all know that what dogs and cats like to do or dislike to do are different.

Dogs originally live as a pack, so they dislike being alone. Also we learnt they tend to feel stressed when they have issues with their family (members- including their human family!) Dogs often suffer from diarrhoea, when they have family issues!

It is known that cats are sensitive to change of their environment. This is why it is taking a long time for my sister’s cat to start eating cat food. This (my sister’s) cat used to eat cooked beef as a kitten because she used to be a stray cat and used to come to my sister’s place, as that time my sister’s dog ran away and my sister used to use cooked beef to catch the dog (ex-wild dog, Eve!) . The tip for the cat to get used to the cat food is to mix it gradually with the beef!

When pets are constantly under the condition where they have to put up with what they dislike, of course they fee stressed! (just like we human does!)

We can see if the pets are feeling stressed- for example, they start breaking items in the house etc, just like we become unsettled etc!

Pets send you signals what they are thinking/how they are feeling, for example, the most well known signal of dogs when they are happy is wagging their tails! but there are so many other behaviours to show their emotion.

If you are not sure whether or not the environment is good for your pet, you can find the answer by checking again what kind of things dogs/cats like to do and dislike to do👍

愛犬が逸走したらできること①(When your beloved dog goes missing.)










ひとつ、その時に知った、そして知っておくとよかったと思うのが、「迷子犬掲示板」maigo_dogというNPO団体さんです。インスタ、 Facebookに何万人ものフォロワーさんがいらっしゃって、「全国版」に知らせるとその地方版の掲示板に拡散されます。以下、ご参考ください。



2021 is almost over. This year, inparticular with the incident of our beloved Eve -the ex wild dog went missing from my sister’s house in Japan, there are many learnings. We were all impressed and overwhelmed by the people who we didn’t know, but provided great love to Eve & us.

I have noticed in December, there are more and more dogs posted on Instagram as “missing”. Not sure if this is just me who feels this way.

The super guy called Motch san, who caught Eve also said there are more missing dogs than other momths. The possible reason is due to the people feeling busy and are not paying attention to their dog.

Even though the dog owner is careful, dog decides to run off and this unfortunately happens. I am sharing our experience of what can be done when your dog goes missing.

Firstly, make & print posters to distribute as many neghbours as possible. My sister asked the printing company as she printed almost 1,000 posters.

Secondly, report to your local rescue animal centre (or council-either is fine as they are related.) We also contacted local vet, post office, super markets, convenience shops.

As our house is located in countrytown, some vets told us they wanted us to bring the printed poster (not via email).

There were many neghbours who reported they sighted Eve, however, at the same time, this the first time we realised how powerful the social madia is. As soon as we posted on Instagram and Facebook, many people shared the news and we received a message from some people who say “they live nearby, so they want to help.”, or my dog is from the same rescue center.” We received many tips on what to do. This really helped us staying calm and encouraged.

One thing we thought was very helpful was the social madia (instagram ) called “Maigo_ken”, which is an NPO group who has many followers. Once a missing dog is reporte to them, they post on their instagram or FB page. If you use the hashtag Maigo_Dog on your instagram they also picks it and share the missing dog info to their followers.

It is getting colder and colder day by day in Japan. I cannot wish enough all missing dogs in Japan will be saved and reunited to their family as soon as possible by the end of this year.

イブちゃんが教えてくれたこと(What Eve taught us)






Motch san, a strong advocate for dogs going missing.
Must have double collar and lead.
One of the leads must be attached to waist.
One lead is ket loose.
Harness is not recommended unless the dogs are well trained for their walk.
Dogs must be kept in the cage (same place where they feel comfortable) until they get use to the new environment.

A week passed sine Eve, the ex wild dog returned to my sister.

Yesterday she visited the vet and she is in good health apart from some skin rush caused by wearing harness for a long time.

Eve taught us valuable lesson for all of us😊. Refer to copies of my sister’s instagram post.

In addition to Motchi san, whose love to dogs is super strong, we feel blessed with being connected with so many people who have he super kind hart for the rescue dogs, cats and wild dogs😊❤️.

We wish current missing dogs in Japan will return to the owners/be captured safely by the end of this year.





















It has been almost 3 months since Eve ran off from my sister’s house.

Motchi san, who has been supporting my sister since then, returned to my sister’s house for the 2nd time. Last time when he tried to catch her, Eve looked so cautious of the atmosphere, which was a little different, and he decided not to catch her.

1st day, cautious looking Eve, maybe because of the cats eating her food, got annoyed and didn’t come back.

2nd day, Eve came back many times, however, she only observed the inside as again there were some cats eating her food!

Motch san never gave up this time. I stayed awake until mid night, but fell asleep.

I woke up to some messages, photos and videos sent by Motchi san & my sister. The first message I saw was at 1:50am, “Eve was caught safely!”.

For some reason, I started to think Eve will not return(sorry Motch san!). I thought Eve lost confidence with my sister as she is worried too much.

About 1 month ago posted Eve’s name tag and it arrived 2 days ago. (Due to COVID, the delivery was delayed!) I was in tears when I saw one of the photos of Eve wearing it.

Almost all day I was in tears…super kind hearted Motch san shampooed Eve, accompanied my sister to vet (Eve was fine although she lost 900g!), then trained my sister (not Eve!) how to walk Eve-this is so important and Motch san has a lot of knowledge.

Motch san’s guidance is double lead, shoulder/waist lead is a must, no harness.

With his experience of missing ex wild dogs, most of them run off when they hear a big noise and feel panicked, or see bicycle.

Motch san has been volunteering to look for missing ex wild dogs and provide walking training to the foster parents of ex wild dogs. His knowledge and passion to help them is so amazing. I cannot thank him enough for his kindness and strong support all the way. He says “Not many people become foster parents of the ex wild dogs, I am doing this as a thank you to those who have decided to look after ex wild dogs.” I was in tears again. For the past 3 months, so many people showed their kindness, neighbours, who kept reporting when they saw Eve, other foster parents of rescue dogs, more than 100 people who shared Eve’s info on the social media when she went missing, we received many many encouraging words from our friends. Thank you 😊 .

I often feel frustrated with how the pets are treated in Japan, however, today, I feel so impressed to feel there are so many people who support pet’s happy life. I really wish there will be no wild dogs in Japan and all missing dogs will be reunited with their owners soon.









Annual event, “Be kind to animals week” is scheduled from 20 -26 September in Japan. It was one of the events that I rarely remember being involved, as all I remember is the poster which was displayed at primary school.

The event is organised by Japanese Ministry of the environment. I have checked what kind of events are organised. Apart from the main event, such as Animal protection promotional poster competition, each prefecture is responsible to organise their own events.

As a main event organised by the ministry, online symposium is scheduled on 25 Sept, which I can participate!

In this symposium, there will be some panel discussions by mainly academics with topics such as “Pets in the future”, “Relationships with pets”.

This year, there were several big news in relation to pets, for example, update in animal protection law, or just recently, the Japanese government (Ministry of the environment) and Amazon Japan announced their partnership with support to give/receipt of rescue dogs & cats. I am interested in what kind discussions it will be.

According to Wikipedia, the Be kind of animals week started in the US with the purpose of strengthening ties between animals and human in 1915. As a main event, with sponsorship with Universal Studio, the children who showed their passion of loving animals, will be awarded…a big animal loving country!

迷子犬イブ-Eve the missing dog









Mさんのインスタからコピーです。ボラさん団体が元野犬を譲渡する場合、1。室内でも必ず係留 2。ダブル首輪とダブルリード 3。逸走防止にショルダーリード 4。脱走防止に玄関前にペットゲート を条件で譲渡すれば必ず迷子犬は減る。


Two weeks have passed since Eve, ex wild and rescue dog ran away from my sister’s house in Gifu, Japan.

To date there have been so many people on the rescue pet related FB group, who shared our post. I think it is over 1,000 shares. We cannot help but feel the power of the social media and thank them so much for their useful advice.

Many people who connected via social media happen to live nearby, and neighbours have been supporting my sister.

My sister received many calls who saw Eve. However, sadly, Eve ran off whenever she saw my sister.

This week, my sister received a phone call from a gentleman (Mr. M) from Tokyo, who has been a great help to her since then. I also checked his instagram and feel impressed with his deep knowledge regarding wild dog behaviour.

For example, he shares his suggestions of the harness. It is so important for the ex wild dogs to have appropriate harness and collar when putting double lead & collar. He warns that most of the dogs who ran off had harnesses, so basically he doesn’t recommend putting a harness.

Based on his advice, food and security cameras were set up where my sister thinks Eve would be seen. Eve was seen in the camera the next day.

He says he is happily helping her until Eve returns. We in Australia, are feeling so helpless as we cannot do anything. We feel so thankful to him.

Here is a copy from M’s instagram. When shelters are giving away ex wold dogs, if these are made sure with the new owners, the number of the missing dogs would reduce. 1. Tie them even in the house. 2. Double lead and double collar 3. Put one lead over the shoulder 4. Put pet gate in front of the house entrance to protect them from running off.

This report on missing Eve is to be continued.